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 frequently asked questions

1, What is the vision of Cedarliving Community?
Cedarliving is founded on a deep respect for family values and our elderly citizens, which is a community seniors service facility. Our purpose is to empower and enrich the lives of our seniors. We achieve this by developing, building, and operating retirement living communities that offer an exceptional independent senior living experience. Our vision is better facilities, better services.

2, What are the considerations for choosing 530 Inglewood Ave as an seniors facility?
This is an appropriate location with accessibility and privacy, near the school, suitable for fostering an active, comfortable, enriched and sustainable community to redefine West Van retirement living. Cedarliving’s team has arranged adequate resources and funding for this project, including the latest concept and plenty of anti-aging technologies & services. This capital intensive facility will definitely increase the property value of our neighbourhood in long term.

3, What additional benefits does Cedarliving provide to West Vancouver residents?
*There is a 3-month rent-free coupon towards a limited number of early West Van registrants through the "Neighbour First Program", for the Independent Living units;
*There are below market rental units toward West Vancouver moderate income Employees, including Cedarliving Community employees, for all of the Employee Housing units;
*There is a proposed 5,400sqft Cedardale Centre space free for community recreational usage.
*Assume Cash CAC is $$million when the employee housing is 10% below market.

4, What exclusive benefits does Cedarliving bring to the residents of the Cedardale community?
*Everyone will experience aging, Cedarliving is an essential community facility to meet the housing demands of aging-in-place close to family and friend;
*Proposed 65 free parking lot, including up to 10 sharing car lots plus 4 EV charger, will significantly reduce teachers and parents street parking requirements and traffic on Inglewood & Burley;
*Rooftop Club including restaurant/cafe/library will open to paying members. As an exception, after project approval, some Cedardale applicants will receive the lifetime membership for free;
*Cedarliving has reserved some three-month rent-free coupons for the residents of  Cedardale within the overall budget of the "Neighbour First Program";
*It is estimated that about 8,000sqft of Cedarliving amenities will be open to neighbourhood residents, which will alleviate the shortage of Cedardale community facilities;
*Cedarliving will provide 5,400sqft space free as the Cedardale Center, contains offices space of the Societies/ Website serving the Cedardale community;
*And, according the related regulations of DWV, 50% Cedarliving Cash CACs will to be neighbourhood serving Capital project;
*After Cedarliving approved, there will be a a more substantial and deeper discussion by Cedardale residents on how to use the 5,400sqft Cedardale area and the $million Cash CACs Project.

5, What impact will Cedarliving's height have on neighbors’ privacy and what measures will be taken to alleviate the concerns? 
*The architect proposal is based on professional analysis from hundreds of photos taken by the drone for every contour, to hide the proposed building into the trees around the site;
*The view corridor study shows the proposed building is harmony to the site character. We are doing the best to reduce light pollution and privacy exposure;
*Compared to similar facilities nearby, the proposed building has lower density and deeper community engagement;
*Cedarliving planned hedgerows with sufficient width and proper height to protect the privacy of adjacent neighbor properties.

6, What impact will Cedarliving have on neighbourhood character of Cedardale?
* Cedarlivng won’t affect the existing characters of single family housing surrounded by creek and trees;
* As a community facility, Cedarliving will not be considered as a  residential property when calculating the properties assessment. 

7, What impact will Cedarliving have on traffic condition of Inglewood Ave?
*The amenities spaces within the proposed development are sufficient to be utilized for residents to live in the building, in fact, their schedule and lifestyle hardly generate peak traffic;
*Half of Cedarliving parking spaces are the restricted parking spaces, that is, vehicles can only be moved during the designated 12-hour off-peak hours;
*Cedarliving propose to grant 65 underground parking lots for public use, including teacher & parents parking, 4 shuttle cars, up to 10 sharing cars, 4 free EV chargers, and visitor parking; *The Community Amenity Contribution parking spaces will significantly reduce teachers and parents street parking requirements and traffic on Inglewood & Burley;
*Employee housing will transform the existing inter-regional traffic of West Van service workers to intra-regional traffic or zero traffic, reducing the scattered traffic demand of West Van.

8, What impact will this community facility have on the environment?
*The arborist team has evaluated every trees on site, and a detailed replanting/ restoration plan is generating;
*The Biologists and environmental experts are formulating more adequate protect measure to increase the ecological environment to the related fishes, animals, and other plants;
*These measures will ensure the overall ecological effect of this project has a positive impact to the riparian habitats of the Brothers Creek;
*And the sustainability consultant team is working on the LEED Certification to further increase the overall sustainability, so as to benefit the community.

9, What is the Cedarliving Employee Housing? Who will manage these units?
The Employee Housing are below market rental units with 10% discount, to meet the needs of moderate income employees serving for West Vancouver residents, including Cedarliving employees. A new non-profit named WestVan Employee Housing Advisory Society, which is established by Cedarliving and joined by West Vancouver employers, will determine specific residency policy.

10. Do you have any other alternative community service proposal?
Yes it is. As an alternative community service proposal, it will contains publicly funded long-term care bed, independent living, assisted living, and the less employee units only for on-site employee, correspondingly, there will be no 3-mo free-rent program, no rooftop club, no Cash CAC proposal, and the operation team/proposals may also be very different from the current proposal shown on this website.

11, What role will the existing owner play in this development? 
The existing owner will become one of the investment partner of this community seniors facility. According to the relevant investment agreement, she will be bounded in the management team of this facility 20yr to serve the community. This will help the project to fulfill the benefits made to the neighborhood. She will also participate in the community engagement activities.

12. What kind of community engagements will Cedarliving conduct?
*Cedarliving project brief and this website address have been published several times on North Shore News, of local Communities, and directly emailed to the 300 neighbors;
*According to the feedback of 1,000 West Vancouver residents we randomly approached, 97.1% of them supported this community seniors facilities project;
*If Cedarliving is approved by DWV, we will work together with DWV, communicate with every Cedardale residents over the phone, email or meeting, conduct a more substantial and deeper discussion on the roof-club membership, 3-mo frre-rent discount, 5,400sqft Cedardale Center, and the use of $$ Cash CAC neighbourhood project;
*Any of your comments and opinions are extremely important to this project. You are welcome to chat on or send an email/phone number to After these community engagements, we will submit the Preliminary application to DWV.

Community benefits


Cedarliving community is an all-rental community seniors facility that provides 307 Seniors Independent Living and 186 Employee Housing;

Provide 3-mo free-rent promotion toward the Neighbor First Program, for Independent Living units

Provide 10% rental discounts to West Van moderate income Employees, for Employee Housing units;

Propose 65 underground parking lots to reduce street parking and school traffic, including 4 EV charger;

Provide 5,400 sq ft Cedardale Centre space free for community use;

BC Energy Step Code 4 Certification will further increase the overall sustainability of our community;

Cash contributions towards Community Amenities.



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